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New Peoples Group

re-vamped sept 2010 - to welcome you better into the Institute - click on icon to go to the Wiser Earth Group (for interacting)




If you are a Permaculture Designer,

have read the FrontPage, where this project is described,

understood what 'chaordic' means,

read some of the NEWS, including the history of this project ...


... then we hope you'd like to join and be a member of this new

International PermaCulture Institute

to be a member, all you need to do is put your profile up here,

and keep it up to date please



If you are new (or old but could do with some orientation..),

please go to the Wiser Earth group and join the dialogue

if you would like a more personalized entry.. it's a social network group where you can meet others and ask questions ... especially useful if you're having any difficulties with editing the wiki, knowing how to put your profile up, etc.


Please introduce yourself personally and have photo ready :)   it's a little more human and interesting if we can see each other's faces..



If you already know about Wikis

you can go direct to the PROFILES page and follow instructions, there are some more directions below, under 'Notes'   (it's not obligatory to be in the Ning group, it's just there to help if you want to use it / find it helpful)



If you are New to Wikis

Welcome to PBwiki 2.0!   Here are some resources


please use the Newbies Group (click on icon) for any questions

Here are some manuals,

but you can go straight to the group (click on icon and join)

for some more personalized help



The PBworks Manual and 30-second training videos can help show you how to edit the pages here


A wiki is a website that can be edited amongs many people (whoever has the password)

Please create pages and enjoy these resources.


Free webinars

For tips and tricks on getting started, sign up for one of our free introductory webinars. You can also view a recording of our popular webinar, PBwiki 101: Your Guide to Wiki Basics.


Business users

Get help launching your wiki by downloading our best practices white paper, The Seven Essentials of Successful Wikis.


Visit our demo wikis for hands-on learning:


Academic and Personal Users

Free recorded webinar: PBwiki for librarians and educators


Once your page has been created (which will have address  http://permacultureinstitute.pbworks.com/"yourname"),  

then you can  copy and paste this into it:   http://permacultureinstitute.pbworks.com/00ProfileTemplate


  •  please use the Newbies Group (click on icon) for any questions.








Once you are a Member of the Institute

(meaning you have your profile up correctly)


Please consider serving your PC community in some of the ways listed  in the NEWS section, eg.:

  • become or encourage someone you know to become a BioRegional Coordinator,
  • contribute to any of the Labs or
  • set up a Lab of something your are passionate about (researching),
  • join in on the Consultations
  • invent something new
  • in general ... throw fertile connections to move on the objectives of this great project wherever you see opportunities to do so


thanks for participating.



click on this icon wherever u see it to go directly to Newbies Dialogue Group 

















































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