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december 08 News and Goods


As the Transition Movement picks up speed and with so much good work on various fronts happening, we've been fairly slack on the Chaordic Institute News provision front ... but less so on the development side.


We now have 98 profiles on the english pilot wiki,  http://permacultureinstitute.pbwiki.com

and 28 on the spanish pilot wiki, http://institutodepermacultura.pbwiki.com

and no-one knows how many new fertile connections created .. but hopefully many!



As with all things that aim for sustainability we advance in small steps and some of the advances in the last period have been:


* Supporting the LatinAmerican PC Convergence in Cuba with a page just for them in the spanish CI,  http://institutodepermacultura.pbwiki.com/CLP3 + an email list to keep in contact


* Supporting the European PC Convergence with the same thing, http://permacultureinstitute.pbwiki.com/EUPC (this resulted in a few more profiles also but not many) + email list


* Two PC students travelled across Spain as 'pollinizing bees' collecting profiles of pioneers and teaching how to edit the wiki


* Martine started a great Development Dialogue page but we kept it so secret that only very few somehow found it and participated so far ... DO add your voice, just go here and follow instructions:  http://permacultureinstitute.pbwiki.com/development+dialogue


* Some (slow but interesting and potentially very fruitful) dialogues started with other initiatives to 'globalize PC information' from the Australian Instute and the British PC Association


* And in january am visiting Bill and Lisa Mollison and hopefully present the Chaordic Institute idea to them also and get as much feedback and advice as I can - will report back


Wishing everyone a fertile and Transition-full 2009!


* * * and do contribute your ideas to this international pilot ..
ALL permaculture designers are warmly encouraged to participate * * *


kind regards



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june 08 Progress Report


5 june 08 - trying out a Pre-Convergence experiment for EUPC9 (European Permaculture Convergence)






and talking about doing the same for the Latin American Convergence in Cuba



2 june 08 - put up some Education questions


following some noticeable resurgence of the matter in various lists:




13 may 08 - We created the Portuguese pages for the Institute!




thanks to David: http://institutopermacultura.pbwiki.com/David


and there is talk of some French pages coming soon ...



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4 jan 08 - Progress Report


much to tell and little time to write ...




- - - - - -





THANKYOU to all who have sent comments, proposals and especially to the brave ones who have enrolled on the Designers Group for the Institute.


We start with the english group this month (see http://permacultureinstitute.pbwiki.com/DesignOfPilot for who they are), hoping that the spanish-speaking group get together so that we can start with that one too (see http://institutodepermacultura.pbwiki.com/DiseñadoresInstituto for more on this one)


We will inform everyone about what we come up with in this small investigation / design group, and we encourage all to contribute as they wish, contacting with any of them directly. We really want everyone's ideas and contributions in order to design this well.



- - - - - -

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The first and small attempt to get some funds to move on the work needed for this new type of Institute is up on this page:




We were encouraged - in Spain - by some of the students of one of our permaculture courses, who wanted to multi-function a journey to various projects in the Iberian Peninsula.


Although we were not selected, the experience was very useful in order to summarize the project ... please do use it to make something similar for your area, if you can.


Quickly we started getting some welcome supportive feedback and interest from people who would like to collaborate, like the young people of the Traveling School of Life http://www.tsolife.org/ and the Idem (Identity through Initiative) youth: http://www.idem-network.org


We were hoping with this iniciative to support the journeys of some Cuban colleagues ... maybe next time. If you have some ideas or suggestions please contact the Designers group.



- - - - - -





We were invited to Portugal to give a 2 day workshop in August 08, about the Institute project, a the Reboot Festival, www.rebootnow.org


This came to us as an interesting synchronicity given that we were thinking whether to form another part in portuguese of the Institute (because we have some active members in Brasil and interesting contacts in Portugal).


We hope this will help to move this group in another important language, and we hope to see some of you there at the Festival also.



- - - - - -





and welcoming new people to the permaculture family.


Remember that the Chaordic Institute provides an ideal set of projects especially for permaculture students, who are encouraged to get to know the wider international community by participating actively from the start.


Infact this design came about originally as an idea to facilitate the process and open up the diploma standards for general scrutiny, by encouraging pre-diplomats to make their portafolio available using new internet technologies.


The new page http://permacultureinstitute.pbwiki.com/DiplomaProcess

documents some of this history, together with news on this aspect of the work.


(in the Spanish pages a slightly different approach was to create a History page for this project:



We welcome teachers actively involved in the diploma process to join the research group on this, or / and share their news with us.




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