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Suzi High


  • Leeds, UK, world(at)permaculture(dot)org(dot)uk






 I gained my permaculture design certificate in 2001, and spent the next 5 years applying it to my young family, home and local community.  When I started work in community development, I appled it to that. 

On my return from IPC7, I decided to focus on food security in my city and on supporting the development of permaculture networks.  I now work with 3 local food growing project, teach permaculture design courses, am a founder member of the Leeds Permaculture Network and work for the Permaculture Association (Britain) as the international coordinator.  In this position I support international networking of people involved in and interested in the sustainability movment.  It is really wonderful to see how much there is going on out there, and I love playing my part in supporting people to make connections.  We have a great website, with a database of international projects, we try to keep it up to date, but if you have any contacts that are not on there, please let me know. www.permaculture.org.uk


 I am working towards my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design through the Permaculture Association (Britian.)  My design portfolio focuses on community building, at various levels, locally I work with a primary school to develop food growing activities, I am also working with a new group focused on local food growing Pudsey Land Share Enterprise (PuLSE), we are sharing knowledge and seeds at the moment.  City wide I am on the organising committee of the Leeds Permaculture Network.  Regionally I am part of a group developing a teachers network / cooperative which provides support for teachers and those who want to learn to teach, to provide high quality courses.  Finally in my work at the Permaculture Association (Britian), I have been designing international networking projects.  I am presently working with Karen Inwood of the IPES on an action reserach project evaluating a 3 year community development project.


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