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Page history last edited by Steve Hanson 13 years, 1 month ago

Steve Hanson




Le Bois de Grammont

36140 Lourdoueix st Michel

Indre, France

Tel      (0033)(0)254 064523

Email  steve@permacultureeden.com

Web    www.permacultureeden.com


I completed my 72 Hour PDC in Llanfyllyn, Powys, Wales in May 2009 with Steve Jones, Chris Evans, Chris Dixon, Looby MacNamara, Amanda Dean, and Hannah Towsey. My PDC follows a seven year study of permaculture while developing two projects, the first in Wales and our present one in France.

My career has been a constant learning curve, which seems destined never to end.

Permaculture gives a name to encompass my skill set and gives it a focus.


Chef, Soldier, Chef, Painter, Builder, Gardener, Chauffeur. Bodyguard, Social worker, Woodturner, Psychotherapist, Teacher, IT Systems Engineer, Smallholder, Permaculturist.


I know it reads like a rhyme the English learn as children, but it gives me grounding and insight in to our complex world. From this grounding I have learned how to live simply and to teach others from their own perspective.


My interests include

·         Psychology

·         Learning styles

·         Group dynamics

·         Personal development

·         Learning

·         Teaching

·         Growing

·         Ecology

·         Art

·         Building



My wife and I have been developing a 5 Hectare Permaculture in central France for the last five years. Our intention has always been to demonstrate and encourage others to live lightly on our planet through example.

As omnivores we are working hard to find solutions to feed ordinary people on a sustainable low enegry system, in doing so we seek to avoid alienating the majority of the worlds population from permaculture. We are hoping our profesional backgrounds will help others in the developed world see permaculture is for everyone to use.

Our project now includes, a forest garden, energy forests, Silvo pasture, wetland, willow nursery, dairy cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, appiculture, Orchards, and much more.


My latest project is to develop a global Permaculture Magazine at, www.PermaculturEzine.com to this end if anyone reading this wants to help or contribute to the content of the site please feel free to contact me.

The Magazine will only be as good as we make it.


Offers and Wants

Permacultre Design Courses from 2010 within an extensive permaculture project environment.

Volunteer opportunities, food accommodation & learning in exchange for work.






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