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sandra campe


where i am...:

ecovillage of sieben linden, region of altmark, saxony-anhalt, north-east germany, europe, planet earth


how to reach me:

e-mail: s (dot) campe (at) siebenlinden (dot) de

skype: xcampe.sinax 



who i am... (condensed version):

i grew up in the country side of northern germany, on a farm with 3 generations living under one roof. towards the end of school, i had this clear vision of me living in a community which is self-sufficient and autonomous and free...


what i did... (still condensed):

after school, i went to university in kassel / witzenhausen to study organic agriculture (http://www.uni-kassel.de/agrar), main fields of interest and action there were (besides regular subjects) permaculture, theoretical and practical vegan-organic growing, networking, anti-gmo, anti-nuclear power,...

during university, i travelled through northern europe for a while and wwoofed in different places in sweden, england and ireland, in all places permaculture was a well known term. during these journeys i heard about the sustainable landuse course at ragmans lane farm, in which i participated in 2003. it was a wonderful gift to learn from (and with) patrick whitefield and many other inspiring and knowledgeable people!

i finished university in 2003, writing my diploma about how to convert our family farm to an organic farm and vegan-organic research and seminar centre.


after studying, i moved to the ecovillage of sieben linden (http://www.siebenlinden.de, http://permaculture.org.au/project_profiles/europe/sieben_linden_ecovillage_germany.htm), where i am living up to this moment.

in 2005, i decided to start the training to become a permaculture designer at the german permakultur akademie (www.permakultur-akademie.net), which was founded by philosopher and pc designer jascha rohr.

my tutors during this training were sonja hoerster, a landscape planner and pc designer who has been working with pc for 10 years, and rike oemisch, landscape and pc designer and creative mind that has been actively involved in setting up gaia university in nepal during the last years.

i was accredited in summer 2008 and since then i have been doing workshops, courses and talks and i also work as a tutor for other students of the permakultur akademie.


what i do...:

in the ecovillage of sieben linden, my main tasks are settlement planning (together with others) and coordinating the different organisations that offer a volunteer service (there is this great opportunity "volunteer ecological year" in germany) in the village. and then i am also involved in the team of public relations. and i am the one that organises permaculture trainings here. since last summer i am also part of the teacher's team of the "ecovillage design education", which is part of gaia education (http://www.gaiaeducation.org).


my pc-focus shifted a bit from permaculture in growing food (which is still important to me) to social permaculture - living in a big community project (we are now 120 people), this is a huge and very interesting challenge for me: exploring how people can live and be together sustainably...


my projects...:

(will follow)


i would love to get help with or learn more about...:

for some time i have been meaning to learn more about dryland permaculture. for one reason because where we are it is pretty dry (for german circumstances, we are one of the areas with least rainfall in germany, about 500 mm/ year) and for the other because water will be more and more scarce in many regions of the world and i feel like i should gain more knowledge about this.

so if anyone knows good projects (preferably in europe, as i want to avoid flying) where it is possible to wwoof for a while and meanwhile learn something about dryland permaculture, i would be glad to receive hints! recommendations of literature are also very welcome.


i can offer...:

during the last years i have applied for funding for several (mainly youth) projects, mainly from the EU-program "Youth in Action" (http://ec.europa.eu/youth/index_en.htm). i can offer help applying for these, for example. if you have a project idea and don't know how to proceed, maybe we can work something out!





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