Ronaldo Lec Ajcot







Founder IMAP Ronaldo Lec Ajcot , a Maya Kaqchiqel, was born in 1971 in San Lucas Toliman Guatemala.

In 1990 he was forced out of the country because of the violence of the civil war.


In 1994 he received a BA in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Peace Studies from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. In 1996, after returning to Guatemala, he hosted the first certified Permaculture Design Course in the region sponsored by Permacultura America Latina (PAL) as part of the search for alternative agriculture practice.

He then adopted permaculture as a tool for the revitalization of local agricultural lands, culture and environment.


In 1997 he hosted a permaculture course from which a community organization, the Associacon Ija’tz was formed to begin the regional restoration of land.

This structure appropriated the experimental farm as their agro-ecological center and he continued as director of the program.

In 1999 he resigned from the Associacon Ija’tz to devote himself to the creation of his vision for the Mayan people by creating the Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute (IMAP) where he is now director.





We have a great interview with Ronaldo (in spanish) that we hope to make dowloadable on his spanish page eventually: