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To start your page or edit your profile in the Chaordic Institute please first join the

New People's Page and Group:


 click on buds icon to go there direct,


 or here to go to page which explains how it works



This is all part of making the Institute design more and more self-organizing and minimax


then here is the basic

Profiles Protocol

The aims and reasons for this Chaordic Institute are explained in the FrontPage (please read carefully), and this Protocol for Profiles is the way we've figured out so far to best fulfill those aims and reasons.


The BASIC PATTERN for each page - in brief:

a) Full name

b) Your photo (face, less than 30kb and about 6x8cm) > please note: if you upload fotos of more than 50kb they will be deleted: see photos

c) contact details (WHERE you are in the world + email, phones, skype)

d) brief biography (see point 5) below)

e) your projects / investigations (BRIEF descriptions and links)

f) Offers and Wants - what help, expertise, info, materials, etc. you need and can offer

g) Accounting (in ThePermis)

h) anything else (that is about you)

i) Apreciations / References


You don´t have to have ALL of these sections in your profile, but we do ask you fill them in in this order

(a page will only be accepted initially if it has at least the top 3, ie. a, b & c ... but please do come back and add more later: it helps this whole thing work how it´s meant to, for the benefit of all of us)


easy way to start your page is to copy this Profile page ... then fill in

(if a page hasn't been created for you


Please see below for more details, especially the WHAT section, before you finish your page:



HOW to get your profile in this wiki


  • First you need to set yourself a password: please use the Contact Form and send a note saying who you are and why you wanto join (short is fine, BUT YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME - we're trying to make this as self-organising as possible whilst avoiding spammers).  Please note the idea is that you edit your own profile, and you keep it up to date, so we're all administrators of the system.
  • If no answer (we're all v busy permaculture activists..) plse email any of the DesignOfPilot group, sending them your profile in the format a, b, c, etc. above.
  • The PBworks Manual and 30-second training videos can help show you how to edit, add videos and invite other users.
  • The best way to get your support questions answered is to click the help link at the top of this page.  The pbwiki support gurus will get back to you asap.


  • Once you have the password, simply ..


1) go to any page you´d like to edit,

2) click the blue "Edit Page" button (top or bottom left),

3) then change the text box that appears,

4) then click the white "Save" button (top or bottom left)


Please note the following Protocol guidelines in all your edits:





WHY we need a protocol


  • permaculture design is all about pattern, a protocol is just another word for pattern


  • if someone is to navigate through many profiles it will be easier and more pleasant if there is a simple & easily recognizable pattern to the profiles.


  • if you don´t have to keep figuring out the pattern, you can focus on the information


  • without protocols this would just be another decentralized pattern (of which we have plenty in our permaculture community). We're trying to design a distributed (chaordic) pattern, and the difference between the two is that there are some protocols for collaborating.


  • So perhaps the ONLY thing we have to design here is protocols: the chaordic pattern is a pre-design, globally, and what we are trying to figure out now are the protocols we'd like for this particular chaordic design. And then respect them, for the benefit of all of us.





WHO is invited to create a profile


  • ideally only people who have done a PDC (permaculture design certificate), but this is not easily available for many people still


  • so for now we're experimenting with also inviting some very promising people who are about to do their PDC, or who are working very permaculturally already


  • experimenting (for now) with a minimum requirement of :

a) sharing the ethics of PC and

b) be actively engaged in learning more about PC all the time.


Please do comment ... what do you think?

If we just add profiles for now using this criteria, it can easily be re-designed with later, eg. we can change to a basic criteria of Investigators (members) being only PDC holders, but also have a section of 'honorary members', or 'invited members' or 'friends', etc., for those who don´t have PDC but we consider good allies.




WHAT is the protocol for the profiles

We're discussing this in the Designers Group, please DO comment if you have suggestions


More detail on the Profiles Protocol:


0) A note on formatting. Please keep it simple and easy and don´t add special formatting (colours, big or non-standard fonts, etc.). Changing the formatting makes it difficult to view pages on various browsers (for some reason they come out looking very different), and almost impossible to to edit in some others, also.

If you wanto stand out, great. Just try to do so with the content of your page, not it´s form.



1) Your page's name should be your FIRST name only (eg. John)

This will mean that your Institute address will be eg. www.permacultureinstitute.pbwiki.com/John

(nice & simple)

Then ON your page, the title should be your full name - the first thing that appears



2) If there already is another name like yours, just add your other initial (eg. JohnP), if there already is another one of those, add ONE other distinguishing letter (eg. Po instead of P), and so on.

You can also use your nickname if you have one.


  • WHY - it´s about making it personal, familiar and simple: there are many other sites that are formal, or about permaculture projects first. This one is about PEOPLE.    So we're trying for 'close and personal': underlying principle being that good projects come from good relationships first.  Here we just basically introduce a lot of permaculture designers to each other (hopefully a LOT more than you would meet normally, even in lots of conferences & meetings), so we all have as many chances as possible to create those good relationships.

Also your page name will appear in the menu + (Country) so it can´t be too long.

This incidentally also gives us historical information - the shortest names are those who came first

And also hopefully incentive to join quick - first come first served etc.



3) a foto of your face, right under your name - VERY important

And more fotos of you lower in the page also very welcome!


  • WHY - this project is all about humanizing the internet for permaculture designers, and humanizing the permaculture network for people outside it.

It is about helping to make it less anonymous, + what it says above about personal, familiar & simple.

It is also because people have a tendency to remember faces and not names, even if they have met.

If someone has met you at a conference, and would love to continue the conversation, if they don´t remember your name they never will... but if they see your face here with your email & phone just below it, they´re a lot more likely to contact you.

Also because putting a face to a project helps also to remember that project, and give a direct link to a human they can contact if they are interested - so you are more likely to get to work together even with people who have never met you in the flesh.



4) It´s also important that your photos aren´t 'big', eg. your face pic not more than 30kb, your others less if possible.

Not too big or too small in size also, about 6x8cm.


  • WHY - many people still don´t have high speed connection, and we have a limited space for uploading files. Although we're aiming for 'friendly' we can do 'professional' within that very well, for eg. if there is some unifomity with the face pictures, name above, contact details below. Pictures too big in size also mess up the visualization of the page sometimes (because the menu has to fit in, if the initial pic is too big, you may get a blank space on your page and have to scroll down past the menu to see anything. It´s just annoying, & easily avoidable)



5) Your contact details


  • WHERE you are in the world: it´s a very international page, it really helps to 'place' people, for orientation
  • email, telf., skype address, etc.

(which do you prefer people use to contact you?)


  • IMPORTANT: we put email addresses with (at) and (dot) because this way you're in a lot less danger of spammers harvesting emails from here. Please respect this protocol, not just for your sake but everyone's.



6) A brief introduction of you as a permaculture designer


- was/ did so & so before PC

- did my PDC .. (where, with which teachers, DATE) ... it´s nice to add who your teacher/s are to keep a sense of the genealogy of our global permaculture family .. and to honor our elders! (& teachers), etc.

- what your main interests are

- whatever else .. as long as it´s ABOUT YOU as a person and permaculture designer, and it´s BRIEF


if you have a CV somewhere on the web, link to it here


  • REMEMBER THIS IS ALSO A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO SHOWCASE your skills, knowledge and experience

One important idea is that this will be the place to come and head-hunt permaculture designers!

If you'd like to be found, leave modesty aside for a little and brag! (you must do it succinctly though - add links)




7) A list of your projects / investigations, each with VERY BRIEF description of each + the links to your page/s.


Please DO NOT please reproduce here writings that are already on other internet pages, just gently invite people to go look for themselves. Shouting rarely works well.

If you don´t have a page for your project please do set up another wiki like this one (it´s free and very easy to manage).

You can then link that to your page here.




8) Your Offers and Wants


A Permaculture Institute is a place of practical investigation in permaculture, and an institution that then shares those findings.

The primary idea of this research Institute is that it helps it´s members do exactly that.

Eventually (if we organize this well enough) we could use the Institute to access material resources.

But even without those, we have at our disposal, right now, a huge network of resource in all the permaculture minds out there. This resource is distributed along friendship channels, and not very well - so far (for those of us who don´t know a significant number of permies, yet).

The idea of 'formalizing' the introductions slightly with these profiles, is that we don´t have to rely on luck or chance for the fertile connections to be made: eg. new people to permaculture can get to know others quickly and easily, and participate quickly in our wonderful gift economy (of information, contacts, frienship, support, etc.). And so collaborate all the other type of economies also.



If you are doing permaculture work you are innovating.

If you are innovating you haven't figured it all out yet.

So it is very likely you need help with something.


There are probably many people out there in the PC community who can and would love to help (if they only knew who you are, where you are, something about you & what you want help with ...)

We hope you have already found some, but we've set this up because we want you to find MANY more.

So DO shout for what you need - whatever: ideas, information, money, resources ... you might get some nice suprises.


The second biggest service you can give the permaculture community is to offer help.

So do 'go where invited' and if you can help with something, say so.



9) Whatever else you´d like to add

Further down in your page, once all the above basics are in place, do add

- your articles

- thoughts (eg. how u heard of the Chaordic Institute and what u think of it)

- photos (of you mainly, stay with the less than 30kb please)

- visions, dreams and wishlists

- whatevers


Basically things that would help us to know you better, but that DON´T appear in any other of your sites.

Don´t just copy material, add links instead.



10) Apreciations / References

Here you can add contacts of people who can do references for you.

But also you can go and add to this section in OTHERS' profiles: your teachers and mentors, people whose work you know personally, colleagues, etc.   It's a great way to give a lovely gift to someone, and create even more fertile connections.    Please don't change anything on anyone else's page, just add to this section.   See modesty page.




Comments please:



Stella - 24Nov07 - we're still designing all this ok. I´ve taken out good part of a morning to write this page because it became apparent through experience that these things weren´t clear at all (from pattern-reading other profiles or the objectives of the project put on the first page).

So a sincere THANKS to those brave pioneers that made their own page!!

It really helped us to notice what Lucas calls "the interesting world of expectations"..

It will take a while to get all profiles looking something like this protocol, but then it might take a while to get the design groups to comment, change, rectify etc. all this too ... no rush. DO send your comments to anyone in the DesignOfPilot group please.








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