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Pascal Depienne





I live on a land in a small hamlet called Champagné-St-Hilaire, 30 mins south of Poitiers (86). FRANCE

You can contact me at this email: pascaletmarie(@)free.fr and this number: +33689068181


I have studied english language and culture and majored in linguistics. I spent a year in Eugene, Oregon (USA) for my master.Then I started a teaching school in France which I left to go to China. There I taught english and french for two years, and, in the meantime I was starting to focus on the path I was slowly heading toward. My sensibility and my intellect where both telling me to leave the city and try to live a better life. Books and a 35 hour job were not my thing, I did not want to feel the security of being a teacher in France (I did indeed, for a while) or any other job because I felt it was already too many compromises. I became interested in becoming autonomous and started to create a website as a support for my preliminary research: http://eco-hameau.infos.st">http://eco-hameau.infos.st . This website is working quite well today and allow me to organize the first permaculture workshop on my land this month, it has become the website of Brin de Paille (Association Française de Permaculture). I was gathering information while teaching in China, I had so much free time that it revealed certain aspects of my personnality. I had a really good situation there (in the most common meaning of the word), and I left it for a harder one (for now, since I have a credit), but richer and with a stronger energy on the path. I knew I wanted to learn but I only knew I would start experimenting when my travels took me to Thailand in a small autonomous community (PunPun, near Changmai). I went back the year after in the neighbouring community, the Panyaproject (http://www.panyaproject.org">http://www.panyaproject.org), a permaculture project; I helped them build their website and spent three months sharing a bit of the project (read their books as well). I then came back to France where I had the opportunity to buy a land with some friends. Already involved in permaculture in some way, I decided to attend a workshop (72h) at the Dharmahouse, a boudhist community living near Nîmes in the south. Steve Read ( http://permacultureinstitute.pbwiki.com/SteveR ) was the certified "master" and of great company, and the dharma team organized the whole thing really smoothly. We have since then kept in touch and Steve will be teaching the workshop on my land ( I like to say that I bought the freedom of that land, but it is maybe a bit pretentious). A year after, I am now preparing the summer garden and fixing my first house, a small but quite charming pork house made of stone.


I have sometimes a paradoxical relationship with technology but I do have interest (maybe hope) and occasionnal jobs in working with computers, hardware anf software, websites (with CMS) and opensource. I often consider the participative aspect of linux and other opensource software as a permaculturist kind of common sense: interconnectivity and good use of energy, abundance...



Projects (shared with Steve and Claude so far):

A lot of projects, different scales,


- Creation of the french association of permaculture: it would be a Nomad structure, moving every other year and leaving an other structure every time it moves out. The host would be the president and a different member of the association every other year (not sure yet for the duration).

- Steve is working on the "Université Populaire de Permaculture" that would be responsible for the curriculum and the designer's apprenticeship with different alternatives and hopefully free classes one day.

- Creation of a forum: http://pascaletmarie.free.fr/Forum/">http://pascaletmarie.free.fr/Forum/

- Thinking of hosting websites, especially for permaculture projects. Get a good domain name for the forum eventually.

- A bigger project is at the stage of gathering money, with 5 other friends we want to buy (or free;) a land in China (Yunnan) and create a place to teach, live, host, experiment and propose alternatives (website soon)


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