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Sharing up-to-date PC Research

Who is doing what design work, where?


What have they found out so far?


How can I help them? Them me?



Increasing the Professionalism of the PC Movement 

How can we colaborate better?


Can we improve the intellectual rigor of permaculture as a design science?



A Healthy, well-designed Community

Are we designing our future?


If we leave the 'design' to chance, what is likely to happen?



Support PC Action Learners (Diplomas) 

Pre-diplomats can be Investigators


Where are the current PC Diploma systems working well?


Where and what isnĀ“t working well?



What objectives or questions to answer would you like to suggest? 

How can we accellerate the process of awareness in the community in order to respond to the global ecological crisis?

como podemos acelerar procesos de sencibilizacion en la comunidad para la toma de conciencia en la crisis ecologica global?


Can wel all be designers ...

Si todos podemos ser disenadores...:


How can we bring permaculture to sectors with low resources?

Como podemos acercar la permacultura a sectores de bajos recursos?






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