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CPI = Chaordic Permaculture Institute)


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and to see and MAKE the news, join the Wiser Earth group (link also in menu), http://es.wiserearth.org/group/CPInst



Reminders only to check this news page are sent to the General Email List 

which you can join by sending a blank email to:  PCInstituteNews-subscribe@yahoogroups.com 

(from january 2010 only biweekly reminders to check / write your CPI news here will be sent through this email list)



February 2011 News


As old and (quite literally) faraonic centralised structures collapse and show their modern contradictions, we're advancing slowly (this really is slow design..) with more chaordic research & design efforts.  We observe the arrow of evolution is pointing that way and so are (in good permaculture theory, if not tradition - theory always precedes practice) designing to accelerate the natural succession toward those higher forms of collective intelligence, as old forms of thinking and beliefs keep putting the brakes on (supporting or proposing more of the tired old centralised structures led by 'elected' committees - which invariably concentrate power - instead of designed - more chaordic - networks and 'representative' democracy instead of more dynamic and pro-active participative democracy structures).    

Of course the consciusness for these new forms to work brilliantly is still not totally in place (why this work is so slow) but it is emerging, and these embryonic structures we are creating can be there to both teach, encourage and eventually meet the needs of a truly sustainable future. 


This is where some of the dialogues and experiments so far have led to, on the chaordic and integral front: hopefully soon we will see a second pilot for the Chaordic Institute, as it will be one of the group designs that people taking the new PDC+++ (Integral Permaculture Design Certificate) course can develop as part of their year-long action-learning voyage and adventure.



A New Pilot Starting


This is the idea (current, overall design idea, may change) of a general framework: 

will unite all the network information, like the Chaordic Permaculture Institute (link to the pilot project, experimenting since 2008) including the 'research labs' (the cutting-edges of experimentation, wherever they are, if and when we find them) and all the places (that we can find) open for the collaborative dialogues essential for the continuous evolution of permaculture science & culture, at a local, regional & international level.    We also look forward to designing some more inclusive, better-designed and adventurous future permaculture conferences & convergences using online tools, as part of this networking vision.


Is is for the commons:  the basic course and also the only commercial activity that supports this big effort for now, and the site that describes the PDC+++ (Integral Permaculture Design Certificate, taught by an international team of teachers, all welcome to participate) starting in April this year, described in this video (a more polished version coming out soon):


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direct link:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=lir6Qoc_ffE


(launching march 2011) will be the organically & constantly evolving Integral Permaculture e-Book that this first PDC+++ course will help develop as a collective 'big group' design & as our gift to the Great Transition.  We have piloted a smaller & spanish version of this as Círculos de Estudio since 2007, & there are other pilots at international level which we hope we will find ways of cooperating with during the next year.



A Year-long Online Design Convergence


Slow design, like slow food, is what our systems are designed for, and probably what is healthiest and more sustainable in the long-run.


These are all very open, and so very slow, designs, and the PDC+++ will provide an intensive year-long convergence framework to explore and dialogue in detail + co-design all this, at international level.


Anyone who is interested can participate in a positive way in any of the parts that they wish, we welcome all constructive input, join the Wiser Earth group http://es.wiserearth.org/group/CPInst




September 2010 News


New Videos


On occasion of the last European PC conference, Nodo Espiral of the Permaculture Academy in Spain prepared two short presentation videos about the Chaordic PC Institute - what it is, how it is designed and why.       Check them out on the Front Page here.

You can also see the fuller presentation here https://sites.google.com/site/nodoespiral2010/chaordic-institute


Wiser Earth Group


Also, we have a new Wiser Earth Group for chatting, interacting, asking questions and doing organising stuff for this Institute.

The Ning networks service was withdrawn a few months ago - bit messy, sorry about inconvenience, but we trust that Wiser Earth will keep their services free.   Subscribe here: http://www.wiserearth.org/group/CPInst



January 2010 CPI News

"The CPI (Chaordic Permacuture Institute) is a website accessible to all, designed to enable Permaculture practice and thinking to be shared. It is a 'Who's Who' of permaculture, a source of permaculturists work, and a tool for communication."


A very Happy New Year and apologies for the long gap in news from the Chaordic PC Institute Newsletter.

Things are slowly growing, some already setting seed & especially lots of underground microscopic activity happening...


Newbies Page and Group


There is now a Newbies Group

(click on buds icon to go there too)


This is all part of making the Institute design more and more self-organizing and minimax..


Roots Project - a new page on IPCs History

"People who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it"

and they also stay pretty root-less


so here is a new page on IPCs

with some interesting history .. and opportunites to co-write the rest


Please if you have more information, documents, links... get in touch,

you'll be doing all of us a great service.




Brief Update on Statistics 

There are now 126 profiles up in the english part of the Chaordic PC Institute (CPI), 51 in the spanish part, 14 in the Portuguese part.  

A Bioregional Coordinators initiative started in 2009

which is advancing far too slowly for some tastes

but infact immediately produced some interesting developments,


for eg. the beginnings of an Italian-language part of the Institute

(coming online later this year). 


A Bioregional Coordinator Group - has been created - do join one if you are thinking of becoming a Coordinator.


So we're - just two years on - already into 4 languages (Earth Care), 100% self-managed by users, chaordically (no slaves or burn-outs: PeopleCare), and with zero external funding - just internal slow and gentle sharing of surplus: the use of our existing hardware + our spare time, and, as the collective infrastructure - this wiki - does not cost any extra, it's good Reduce Consumption too.    Far from perfect, but as long as there's no borrowing from the future and it's steadily improving (self-fertalising), it's sustainable.


There are 72 registered users with access to edit the pages in the english part, but in practice only about 22 who do so.  

Note that if you want to have or renew access to edit the CPI wiki, just click on "Request Access" (a box top right, which also flashes up whenever you try to edit a page) and look out for the email instructions. 

Some new links to video wiki-manuals have been added to the Newbies page, to make this very flexible web we're creating together ever easier to use for more people.


Also, you can join the Newbies Ning Group (click on green icon to go there directly), and ask all the questions you need to get to grips with this machinery.. (looks hard at first, but it's really quite easy once someone shows you how..)



Some Better Filing ..


A new filing effort has made the CPI wiki easier to navigate: you can now use the Navigator menu (top right) and find for eg. the Admin, Consultation, Labs* or the Profiles pages all together in foulders.  These folders can then also be made into links in the pages, which is also quite useful.   (And please note there is still a very helpful "Search all pages and files" box just above this Navigator too).  


* A "Lab" in the Chaordic (Research) Institute is any space that brings together a group of people working on a subject / researching or investigating something / trying to solve a problem.  Now you can easily see for eg. that there are 15 Labs in the english language Institute, by using the Navigator.



European Convergence


There are also some news on the European Lab front:


a new Ning has been created: http://pceuropa.ning.com


as we start to organise the 2010 European Convergence


> see http://permacultureinstitute.pbworks.com/EUPC





Unifying Pilot (Consultations)


We're launching the new year with a new UnifyingPilot (UP) Lab in the Chaordic Institute, main components of which are a set of Consultations, evolved from some very useful questionnaires that were started in the Education Lab for example, a few years ago (when Suzy and Tomas thought of asking a set of questions.. how ingenious, to think of doing a client questionnaire..).  


As 'chaordicising' the network (making more like a network) in great part boils down to designing some good protocols (useful guidelines with wide enough agreement), this UP project is designed to bring interesting minds together to spot where some things might not be working well for us in the PC network, and bring together what ideas we have or might come up with to get over those difficulties.  We trust only suitably pro-active, optimistic and cooperatively-minded designers (with modest time and resources surplus to share and some organizational design interest) will participate.


As it says on the UP Lab page: "The Main Objective of UP is to move us on up the evolutionary scale: to incorporate the best of the old with new technologies and some ambitious visions for the future to chaordicize (make more effective, but without centalizing, forcing or unfairly / undemocratically excluding) the permaculture network (= make it more of a work-net).  To accelerate whatever natural succession/s we can spot / maximise number of fertile connexions, optimize, etc."


Join in here:




a NEW Chaordic Diploma System!


And LAST BUT NOT LEAST ... there is now a Chaordic Diploma system!! (Version 4 in our global history of diploma systems) which integrates, connects, supports and values each previous version.     Basically it's a planetary phase diploma, which is fully inclusive of all other types: just that we want all designs on the web, creating fertile connexions, maximum learning for everyone, and once and for all clarify what makes a diploma .. and what makes a diplomat.


A very potted history:  the Chaordic PC Institute originated from an idea to re-design the DiplomaProcess, but some basic infrastructures (ie. this pilot and a credible number of initial profiles) was necessary in order to move on with that idea.

This is the result of the DiplomaGroup investigating and listing the various Diploma systems in existence (over the last few years) and asking lots of questions in the Diploma Lab (which all are still very welcome to participate in).


We have created initial groups in two languages (Spanish and English) for those interested in participating (whether as tutors, mentors or students) through the ning set up in order to facilitate more dialogues in the Chaordic Institute: http://permainst.ning.com



Hope to see your thinking in the Nings or in the Consultation very soon!   Very kind regards and all the best for 2010.






2008 Newsletters



2007 Newsletters




SOME HISTORY of this project, from 2003


Did you know that this project started with thinking about how to improve the Diploma Process for the permaculture community?


You can see the original proposal (written in 2003) here: DiplomaProcess


At IPC7 (International Permaculture Convergence in Croacia, 2005) a pre-proposal in the shape of a presentation about Chaordic Theory was presented


At IPC8 (International Permaculture Convergence in Brasil, 2007) a presentation on this design.




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