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Julious Piti






Tel. 263 263 067









see PROFILES page for more detailed instructions ..



The BASIC PATTERN for each page - in brief:


a) Full name


b) Your photo (face, less than 30kb and about 6x8cm) > please note: if you upload fotos of more than 50kb they will be deleted: see photos


c) contact details (WHERE you are in the world + email, phones, skype)


d) brief biography (see point 5) below)


e) your projects / investigations (BRIEF descriptions and links)


f) Offers and Wants - what help, expertise, info, materials, etc. you need and can offer


g) Accounting (in ThePermis)


h) anything else (that is about you)




You don´t have to have ALL of these sections in your profile, but we do ask you fill them in in this order


(a page will only be accepted initially if it has at least the top 3, ie. a, b & c ... but please do come back and add more later: it helps this whole thing work how it´s meant to, for the benefit of all of us)

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