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Javiera Carrion

Where: I live in Villa El Manzano, Biobio, Chile.

Bio: Javiera is a committed young woman living and working on her family farm, and making a difference every day through modest acts of responsibility. Having traveled the world in search of wisdom, she has found it at home where she started, the seeds of sustainability in the common-sense of her own people. Moving from a career pathway towards fame and fortune, she has embarked on a lifelong journey to create global change by starting at her front doorstep. Compelled by her ethics, Javiera has started the redesign of her home for sustainable living, a step-by-step process of choosing and then creating the conditions to bring abundance into the life of her family and community. An Agroecologist by heart, she has a deep understanding of the tools and techniques for creating self-reliance, for transforming any environment into a sustainable, surplus producing ecology. Javiera has a core understanding of the principles and pathways towards sustainability. She has spent time with David Holmgren (co-originator of Permaculture) undertaking the advanced Permaculture design course at Rainbow Valley Farm in New Zealand, and an intensive two week landscape observation experience in her home country. Javiera is a co-creator of Permaculture in Chile, centrally involved in mobilizing a national team and network dedicated to creating a sustainable future.

Portfolio: I am currently working on a central meta project based around the concept of a regional centre of Gaia University in Biobio Chile.

Website: www.ecoescuela.cl

Contact: javiecarrion at gmail.com


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