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Filiz Telek




Contact Details:


I am based in Istanbul, Turkey but I do travel half time for work and different projects. I am quite often in Greece as well.


email: filizatbaraka(at)gmail(dot)com

blog: http://barakam.blogspot.com and if you speak Turkish http://www.kolektifbilinc.wordpress.com

skype: windforwater



who am I?


I am interested in permaculture as the principles and practices are very resonant with the way I want to live my life, holistically and in connection with the Earth and community. I havent been able to attend a PCD course yet mostly due to financial challenges as it requires international travel and I havent been able to afford it so far. However I am hoping to organize a course in Turkey so we can create a PC community here. Although I havent dived into the theory of it, I am informed about PC, have applied practices - built a strawbale house (in fact I was the coordinator of the project), built mulch gardens, built composts...


otherwise about me:


I am a facilitator, a host, a harmonizer, a change agent, a catalyst. My job as a facilitator is to create the time and the space in which a community or a group can realize its potential through dialogue. My passion is to explore new ways of working and being together and discover a depth of wisdom far beyond what is available to individuals alone.


I see life as a learning journey through which I evolve towards higher consciousness and compassion for all. I work in alignment with my ideals and passions and for the world I want to live in now. Following my heart and intuition I would like to offer my energy to serve the evolution of human consciousness through dialogue, learning spaces and connecting to the Earth. I am currently exploring how we can reconnect to ourselves and to one another through our connection with the Earth. Since food, an all time passion for me, is very elemental for our wellbeing and in our relationship with the Earth, I am on a journey of co-creating Conscious Kitchen which is an experiment and an inquiry into wholesome and sustainable living through our practices around food.


I am also involved in a “sustainable living collective” in Turkey that organizes events, seminars and dialogue & learning spaces to raise awareness about ecology and sustainability. We are getting ready to organize a "sustainable living film festival".



projects I am involved in:


I am involved in projects for/of "sustainable living" and "systematic social change" both in Turkey and Greece, and also connected to other similar projects all around the world through networks.

In Turkey I am one of the co-founders of Sustainablel Living Collective which aims to raise awareness about living sustainably, organize relative trainings and learning spaces, pursue real time projects and practices of living sustainably to set examples to the community. We organized a series of sustainable living seminars in Istanbul Technical University in December 2007. Our next two projects are organizing a sustainable living film festival and creating a community garden based on permaculture.


I am also part of an initiative in Greece; I am one of the co-hosts and co-creators of a learning center called Axladitsa Avatakia (www.axladitsa.org) an ancient olive farm, laid on the beautiful Aegean Coast, this magical piece of land is a power spot that invites us to living wholeness. We are creating infrastructure, principles and practices of living holistically, listening to the land and in alignment with the Earth.


Another passion of mine is food and kitchens. Using food as a direct and grounding way of connecting to the Earth, I am hoping to create a holistic food movement that advocates mindfulness and conscious choices from seed to compost in all aspects of food and cooking. It is called Conscious Kithcen and it is in emergence.



offers and needs


I am a facilitator and part of Art of Hosting network (www.artofhosting.org) as well as Open Space Technology (www.openspaceworld.org) and these are about equal, interactive, non-hieararchical, circular and chaordic methods of communication and organizations. So I can provide food for thought, resources, processes.


I am connected with translocal networks that are working about systematic social change. There is definitely possibilities for cross-pollination!


my need is very clear from PC community. I would like to build a PC community in Turkey and we need support for that. I need to get trained in PC myself, I would like to get a certificate as soon as possible. One way of doing that is organizing a PC course here in Turkey. I doubt there is anyone who is fully competent and practicing PC here although old ways of doing certain things with commonsense is not far off PC.


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