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Emilia Hazelip













Text message: Emilia Hazelip 1938-2003

Obituary From Jamie


There are never the right words for moments such as these so I shall =


express my profound shock and sadness at the sudden death of Emilia =


(1938-2003), who passed away in her sleep at Centre Hospitalier,

Carcassonne, France last night.


Although Emilia had been in hospital since January 23rd undergoing tests =


breathlessness and fatigue, there had been no indication of the gravity =


the situation. Indeed, we visited Emilia last Thursday and, although, =


to her feisty nature she was not enjoying the experience, there were =


of some improvement. On the phone to her on Friday there was even cause =


celebration that the days tests had not turned up the feared terminal



She leaves two daughters, two granddaughters and a third grandchild =


in a few days - the thought of joining her youngest daughter for the =


of her first baby helped Emilia cope with the ongoing tests.


However, Emilia also leaves the many, many people she has taught and =


toward a more sustainable form of farming. She taught the first =


course here in France in 1985 and then took the Permaculture concept and

introduced it to her native Spain, Portugal and Italy and it is in Italy

where she has been spending much time in recent years enjoying the

enthusiasm she has found there. She also gave a series of seminars on =


'Synergistic Farming' in North America in 1995 based upon her extensive

knowledge of the agricultural systems of the Mayas of Mexico, the =

Berbers of

North Africa, and the natural farming methods Masanobu Fukuoka. She has

written several articles for the British based Permaculture UK and for =


US Permaculture Activist Magazines, as well as producing the excellent

"Synergistic Gardening" video. She was also involved in writing her =


book, long awaited by the many people who followed her inspired =




I hope the last paragraph will not seem superfluous as I hope it shows =


dedication, experience and invaluable knowledge this list and the wider

world has lost with Emilia's passing. Her answers shone out on this =


composed of mainly enthusiastic beginners, for their clarity bred from =


of experience.


And we, Anne, the two children and I have lost a recently found friend =

and a

generous guide in our pursuit of a more sustainable life.










Rick Valley 

Sun Feb 9 02:58:52 EST 2003


I will miss Emilia!

I was a perma pen pal with her before we were emailing, and I saw and felt

her "feisty nature" from the start. Since once upon a time she was a merry

prankster, she told me she was coming to Oregon to see her old friend Ken

Kesey, and could I put a workshop together for her? I've a spotty record as

an organizer, but for hers everything clicked and we had a full house in

Portland. (this was the '95 tour that was mentioned)

I guess dogmatic individuals in Europe had developed her attitude about

biodynamics; when asked about the subject she channeled a hilarious bit of

cosmology, noted that Steiner was a contemporary of Freud, and roared "It's

all nothing but sex!"

Another time, asked about conifers, she said she never recommended planting

them, because they were planted in plantations so much that it wasn't an

ethical thing to plant them. A few hours later in my kitchen as we waited

for dinner to finish I brought out a bowl of pinones (please add a tilde to

the 1st "n") from Moab, Utah. At her first taste, her eyes opened wide, and

she asked if she could take some of the pine nuts home to plant, they were

the best she'd ever tasted! Feisty, yes, and vibrant. Strong opinions, but

she listened, too. She was a wonderful houseguest, and I was always hoping I

could put together a trip to Europe and visit her. We've lost a great









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