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Diana Petrochelli


perfíl en español

  • lives in Cruz Chica, Argentina
  • Set up the World Bridge Group: http://www.worldbridgegroup.com/
  • Set up The Peperina Foundation http://www.peperina.org/
  • Set upCSR Applications http://www.csr_applications.com
  • I am looking for people that would like to came to our Permaculture site and work the garden in exchange for food and lodge. If you search the internet, look for LA CUMBRE en Cordoba province en Argentina and you will find us. Cruz Chica is a tiny town that rely on La Cumbre Municipality for most services.




DIANA PETROCHELLI, Interculturalist, Permaculturist and Corporate Responsibility Consultant


Diana Petrochelli’s abilities are based on extensive post graduate studies of human behavior and communication, as well as first-hand, in-depth experience of different cultures gained during her travels, living and working throughout the USA, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Africa. 


This enables her to foster understanding between peoples from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and economic interests. Her earlier company, WORLD BRIDGE GROUP—PUENTE AL MUNDO, specialized in intercultural relations worldwide for a number of years. 


Ms. Petrochelli graduated in Córdoba, Argentina, earning a BA degree in Education. She is licensed to deliver Berlitz Cultural Consulting programs. She earned certification as a “Permaculture Designer” from the Permaculture Institute – USA and complete her post graduated training in Advance Permaculture with David Holmgren at the Argentinean Institute of Permaculture. She also was a consulting expert for the book Attracting Perfect Customers - The Power of Synchronicity authored by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez.  


Ms. Petrochelli is a public speaker and her latest engagements were as guest on Living Smart’s Houston PBS Channel 8 she discussed individual and corporate responsibility in creating a sustainable planet through Permaculture and other environmentally friendly systems. 

In Cordoba, Argentina; she led for two years, a monthly educational public meeting for “Citizens that would like to Remember their Love for Nature”. 

The meeting is televised by the local station.  







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