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Dale Millard







Dale Millard is a naturalist with diverse interests and experience in fields ranging from Herpetology to ethnobotany. He was curator of herpetology at the Swadini Reptile Research Institute for many years. His interests in toxicology later led to the study of the chemistry and use of plants.


He has been traditionally trained under some of the most prominent Sangomas (healers) in South Africa over the last eight years. His current focus is on documenting South Africa's entheogens which have remained a mystery due to the past apartheid era. He assisted with the production of the documentary 'Altered States' which is a comparative overview of the various groups in South Africa who use trance techniques in their healing practices.


Dale was a founding director of M.E.G.A (Medicinal and Edible Gardens Association) a company established to offer sustainable primary healthcare solutions to schools, clinics and communities in the form of 'Living Pharmacies and Food Forests.' The primary focus of this work is the use of plants to help HIV/AIDs patients secure optimum immune function. This is achieved through training and establishment of community based gardens. Dale is a qualfied Permaculture Design Course (PDC) facilitator and combines ethnobotany with sustainable design techniques to create these unique, multipurpose gardens.


He currently works as consultant to many projects in South Africa, Lesotho and Brazil.





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