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Regional Coordinators



Regional Coordinators

for this Chaordic Permaculture Institute



A Bioregional Coordinator Forum - has been created in Wiser Earth - do join one if you are thinking of becoming a Coordinator.


The Regional Co-ordinators have specific responsabilities and also some corresponding privileges:







Chile, Biobio - Grifen Hope

Spain, Canarias - Stella

Nederland en Vlaanderen (in Dutch) - Leo

Catalonia (in catalan & spanish) - Albert





a) to create and maintain a regional page with the list of profiles for this region (eg. BioCanarias, in the spanish wiki)

b) invite / encourage /otherwise facilitate a minimum of 3 profiles per month (using the Protocol described in PROFILES

c) share their questions, ideas and suggestions (and / or of the people who contact them) in order to re-design the Institute in a continuous way (as a member of the DesignOfPilot group)



a) the Regional Coordinators will have their profiles show up in the first page of the Institute, as very apreciated servants of the project

b) they will be directly involved in re-designing and perfecting the design of the Chaordic Institute

c) they are the reference persons for their region recognized by the Chaordic Institute, and as such will be supported in looking for help and funding in order to facilitate the work of their node.


From may 2009 we started looking for Regional Co-ordinators.   These will meet also as the Institute Designers Group, where we discuss the re-designs for the continuous improvement of this Chaordic Institute and decide how to implement the decisions to advance it according to its vision and objectives.


If there already exists a person doing the work for you Region you can contact them directly and offer your help (it is possible that it may be useful to divide the region further, or simply share the work: we can have various Co-ordinators for one large area or one for each smaller area)



If you are interested in this (voluntary) position please make contact by writing here

  • sending your profile address here in the Institute (if you don´t have one yet, follow instructions in PROFILES)
  • and 4 other profiiles that you have added here (permaculture designers in your area - preferibly who have a certificate or have done some PC course and share the ethics and vision as a minimum - if there aren't any, you can teach them :)




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