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Chris Dixon

Cymru (Wales)





I first came across permaculture in the early eighties from Andy Darlington (now in the Pyranees) and Eurig Ap Gwilym, a local natural forester who worked for Robert Hart; Eurig told me about Robert’s plans to set up a forest garden. Together with Lyn, my wife, I bought 7 acres of land in Cymru (Wales) in the Dolgellau area in 1986 and studied Permaculture Design extensively from the late eighties, convening a design course in 1991 led by Andy Langford. We have been implementing a permaculture design on the site, Tir Penrhos Isaf, ever since. I gained my diploma in Permaculture Design in 1993 and spent three years on the Permaculture Association (Britain) Council of Management, one year as chairman.


I have taught on a wide variety of permaculture courses both locally and nationally, working alongside people such as Andy Langford, Steve Read, Mike Feingould, Chris Evans, Bryn Thomas and Peter Harper among many others. I attended a course led by Bill Mollison at Ragman’s Lane Farm in 1990 and managed to get David Holmgren to lead one here at my home in 1994.


I write widely, both fiction and non-fiction and have had various articles published in a variety of magazines and, so far, one novel. I was an Associate Editor of "Permaculture Magazine" published by Hyden House from 1993-1997. I have also taught performing arts within the conventional education system.


Lyn and I have one son, Sam, now in his late twenties. Some of the things I like are gardening, dancing, singing and T’ai Chi, which I have practised since 1985.



I am particularly interested in regeneration, of environments, communities and individuals, including myself.


I initiated a wilderness regeneration project at Tir Penrhos Isaf right at the start (1986) which is now into its twentysecond year and have observed and studied the processes of wilderness regeneration in depth; this work has provided me with many insights into the design of productive systems.



I like playing with water and started blocking up drainage ditches at Penrhos some fifteen years ago. This has developed into my fascine causeway technique for water management, carbon sequestration, wetland access etc.etc. I thought it was based on neolithic fenland bog causeways but it turns out they were copying the beavers.



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Chris Dixon said

at 12:16 pm on Mar 5, 2009

I also run an occasional blog here:


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