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Bill Mollison




  • Interview will Bill ... talks about peak oil, global warming,




« Personal Statement by Bill Mollison Pre-cursors of Permaculture: Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov »



"The Global development of Permaculture" > http://www.tagari.com/?p=53






Born 1928

Tasmania, Australia


Bill spent the early part of his working life in the fishing and forestry industries.

1954 - 1963

CSIRO Division of Wildlife, Australia


Served nine years as a senior technical officer, conducting surveys in agriculture and forestry.

1963 - 1964

Inland Fisheries Commission, Australia


Conducted surveys of inland estuary and waterway fauna.

1966 - 1978

University of Tasmania,

Australia Acquired majors in Bio-Geography and Social Psychology.

Taught for ten years in the area of post-graduate environmental sciences, specialising in the affect of environmental stresses on the behaviour of vertebrate populations.

1978 to present


Founder and Director Permaculture Institute Travelled and taught sustainable Permaculture design in all continents. Assisted, designed, established and funded countless projects, communities and institutes. Often the ‘key-note’ speaker of conferences on sustainability around the world.





  • Independently researched and wrote the three-volume Genealogy of Tasmanian Aborigines, as a response to the Tasmanian Government’s refusal to give schooling grants to Aboriginal children on the basis of their supposed extinction. With these Genealogies, Bill was able to prove the lineage and existence of many Aboriginal families and succeeded in forcing the Government to issue grants to the children of needy families.


  • Established the Permaculture Institute to promote education in sustainable systems worldwide.


  • Set up Tagari Publications, the publisher of Permaculture books, the profits of which fund Permaculture projects.


  • Created the Earthbank Society to promote and advise on ethical investment and community revolving funds.


  • Initiation of a ‘Trust in Aid’ fund to provide teachers for less developed countries.


  • Established the Phoenix Seed company specialising in open-pollinated seeds.


  • Established Permaculture Academy for tertiary education.


  • Initiated the establishment of the Permaculture Credit Union in America.





Australian Icon of the Millennium

in the field of Ecology - one of 45



Awarded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in recognition of a visionary, and for contribution to his field of expertise.


Steward of Sustainable Agriculture




Eco-Farm Conference, Asilomar, California, U.S.A.

The Banksia Environmental Award Australia



Awarded for the promotion sustainable systems worldwide.

Outstanding Australian Achiever Award

1993 Awarded by the National Australia Day Council.

Vavilov Medal

Moscow, Russia 1991

Inaugural award by the Russian Academy for contributions to sustainable agricultural and community systems.

Member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science



First foreigner to be so honoured.

Reconocimiento Mexico 1989

Awarded by the Governor of Sonora,

Mexico for work with poor urban, and rural campesinos.

Honorary Fellow of the Schumacher Society, Surrey, U.K. 1989

Delivered Annual Schumacher Lecture.

Tree Tax Award




Given by De Twaalf Ambachten for initiating a tree tax on all Permaculture publications.

Right Livelihood Award

1981 This award honours people working on practical and exemplary solutions to the social and environmental problems facing the world.

(referred to as the alternative Nobel prize).





  • Travels in Dreams, an Autobiography



  • Introduction to Permaculture

(with Reny Mia Slay) Second edition



  • The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition



  • The Foundation Year Book of the Permaculture Academy



  • PERMACULTURE: A Designer’s Manual



  • Permaculture Two: Practical Design for Town & Country in Permanent Agriculture



  • Permaculture One: A Perennial Agriculture for Human Settlements

(with David Holmgren) 1978


The books are distributed in twenty countries and translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Slovenian, Vietnamese and Czech.





  • The Visionaries: In Grave Danger of Falling Food

Part 2 of a four part Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) television series,

featuring Bill Mollison, Jeremy Rifkin, Prof. James Lovelock and Manfred Max-Neef.


  • The Global Gardener: Gardening the World Back to Life

A four part Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) television series featuring Bill Mollison,

devoted to Permaculture work and projects worldwide


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