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Ali Sharif

updated 25jun07




A senior student of Permaculture’s founder, Bill Mollison of Australia, Ali was born in Iran in 1953,

and educated in England and Italy.

A man who "makes things happen," Ali founded PAL in the USA with the mission of expanding permaculture into Latin America.


He has established more than 26 projects on three continents, and been involved at every level of their development.

Ali’s particular expertise lies in tropical agroforestry systems and in the design and construction of aquaculture systems.

He has presented at the Bioneers Conference and Sustainable Resource Conferences on several occasions, and currently coordinates the Permaculture movement in Brazil.







  • pre-IPC8 Interview of Ali Sharif and Wes Roe on Sustainable World Radio,

KCSB, Santa Barbara, California, USA, 01/16/07:



  • Introductory speech (about PC history) of the Conference he gave at IPC8:



  • Final thanks speech of the Conference he gave at IPC8:




He presented:

The Road to Abundance at IPC7




From IPC8 website (reproduced because it´s so inspiring)


Written by Ali Sharif • Wednesday, 14 June 2006


In 1984 Bill Mollison said that permaculturists had ten years to make a difference. This was Plan A. Given the stunning decline of the planet’s ecological equilibrium in the last few years most would consider it ludicrous to suggest that we have. However there are more than a few who feel strongly that perhaps we may claim to have set the stage to make a difference. Having gained a hard won foothold in so many countries of the world we are in a unique position to make our moves towards center stage and assume the authority based on the merit of our proven abilities. We have to do this!


IPC8 in Brazil May 2007 will provide an opportunity for our growing family, with so many new members from the Latin American world, to come together and conspire to make our planet healthy again. It will be an opportunity to get our stories straight, learn new and applicable economic strategies, connect our resource bases and work on Plan B. If, as its said, Hurricane Katrina was not past but prologue, then we need to hammer out bioregionally based disaster contingent strategies.


The threads in the web of our global family are of pure gold, the likes of which do not exist in any other family and 2007 will be an occasion to bring back the shine and to make a difference. Carpe Diem!




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